Friday, 25 January 2013

Beautiful Yarns Update - Ana Kras

Many thanks to Francesca Colussi who has tracked down the designer of the beautiful shades. Her name is Ana Kras - this is her site :

Here are a couple more images of the lamps. There are lots of other beautiful pieces on Ana's site.

Beautiful Yarn

We are just back from showing the blankets at Maison et Objet in Paris. The show is huge, with lots of beautiful things from all over the world. One of the things which really caught my eye though was actually in a little Japanese Bento restaurant in central Paris.

I love these lamp shades. They are very simple -  just coloured yarn wrapped around a wire frame. The result is beautiful - the light leaks through the fibres and the effect is like colouring with a felt-tip pen.

 The place is called Nanashi and is on the Rue de Paradis. They do good soba noodles too!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Matthew Hilton

A couple of months ago the celebrated furniture designer Matthew Hilton came to visit us at the studio. We were in complete chaos, in the midst of packing up orders... but clearly he could picture beyond the sea of cardboard boxes...

Matthew's furniture is effortlessly elegant... really strong contemporary design. Here is the Quail's Egg blanket looking at its most sophisticated, sitting on his beautiful Hepburn bed, with the Marker thrown over the gable wall.

And again, folded on the writing desk.  I love the confidence of the lines and the real affinity with the materials in all of Matthew's work -