Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Elliott Ceramics

Our friend Elliott has just recently launched his first ceramics range. The work is beautiful. Wonderful spare considered shapes in delicious ice cream colours. 

The pieces feel lovely to use - they sit well in your hand, and the little fleks of colour and texture add a touch of grit to keep them just the right side of sugary.

These are colour samples for the porcelain - stacked up here they look like delicious marzipan in hazlenut, raspberry, mint and oatmeal. You can see more of Elliott's work here.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Peter Lanyon - Soaring Flight

I went recently to the Peter Layon show at the Courtauld. The exhibition called 'Soaring Flight' focuses on Layon's later gliding paintings. The painting above is a aerial view of the coast. This one seems quite explicit - many of the other paintings are quite abstracted, with suggestions of the route of the glider's journey as well as references to the elements in the air - thermals, and clouds.

I particularly like the painting above called 'Drift'. It captures the moment that the glider is released from the powered plane towing it - the central black streak is thought to be the towing line falling away from the glider. I really like the feeling of calm and the mix of colours - soft chalky whites and greys with just a flash of mustard and cobalt blue. Beautiful!