Thursday, 28 May 2015

Sfera - Milan 2015

We were so pleased to have our Aerial fabrics used by Sfera again for their feature at Milan. This year they showed a new range of furniture for children designed by Shigeru Mashiro and made by Kyoto master woodworker Naomi Toda.

The Sfera showroom is always an oasis of calm serenity and the new pieces are exquisite - beautiful organic shapes with lovely use of different woods. It is no surprise that Monocle listed the collection among their highlights of Milan.

You can read more about the pieces on Sfera's magazine here.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Hitch Mylius

The Hitch Mylius factory is a magical place. Housed in a beautiful reconditioned 1950's industrial building in Enfield, it is a real working factory with a wonderful team of specialist craftsmen.

Although much of Hitch Mylius's upholstery is done in plain and textured fabrics they are masters in pattern matching. This is Mustafa (above) cutting out the pattern pieces for their hm46 chair in our Totley fabric.

The precision is extended to every detail - this is Trevor measuring the buttoning and giving the chair a final check before the arms are added.

For details on the Hitch Mylius pop-up at the Malmaison Hotel in Charterhouse Square during Clerkenwell design Week please see their news page.

For more details on the Hitch Mylius product ranges please see their website.